Terms and Conditions

We do our best to keep updated our website.
New products are added on a regular basis and product placement vary according to availability and time of the year.

Our Food
Please note that not all products may be available at the time of purchase.
Our best effort is made to ensure all our suppliers meet our quality standards, any concerns about our suppliers or services should be addressed directly to the Manager.
We use only the best ingredients available in the market, locally and directly imported from Peru. Our food is fresh made in our Licensed Premises.
Please inform us if you have any allergies whe should be aware of.
We service our customers in a friendly fashion and expect the same in return.

Our Facilities
Business hours: Sun-Thur.10.00am - 8:00pm., Fri-Sat. 10.00am - 10.00pm
Free internet access is available to all our customers, please note we are not responsible for any computer related issues while using our internet access.
Washroom is only available to customers.

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